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Cameroon, a risk for Germany, an opportunity for the world!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Being a Cameroonian and German a few #German #Mittelstand companies have poked me about Cameroon...

However, way too often I have heard the words Risk? Danger? Crisis? during the conversations about Cameroon.

One thing in the #German #African #business that is for sure: up until now there is not enough information for the #Mittelstand and potential German investors about Cameroon. Clearly the governmental institutions, whose job it is to lobby #Africa as a viable destination for investment, have failed at their job.

Why do most of us #Germans not know about the @Grand Mall Douala which will open very soon?

With its 18000 m2 surface it will be the biggest in central Africa. And it does not stop there: Douala has plenty of shopping facilities who are inviting Cameroonian shoppers to change their shopping habits and they do!

With the L'Atrium Mall, the Groupe Arno started the transformation of consumer habits in Cameroon much earlier already. Also Super U by Groupe Kadji has been another addition of great comfortable shopping, not to forget the brilliant investment by Groupe Carrefour in Cameroon with its two mega markets in Douala and Yaounde.

Cameroon is and has a dynamic Diaspora in Germany as well, and Cameroon will remain an opportunity in the investment business. While we Germans are still busy discussing the risks, Cameroon continues to flourish and offer many great investment opportunities.

If this is all new information for you then I can only wonder why are you still paying membership fees for hot air?

Are you ready for the real deal in the African Investment Business?

Do you still want to continue Kegelclub world of business in Berlin or would you like to participate in Expertise and start to enjoy African ROI ?

What are we Germans waiting for?

Cameroon is ready, are you ready for Cameroon?

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